Do This Tonight And Be Healthier Tommorow

Making small changes to your daily life can have a big impact on achieving optimal health and desired body weight.

It is important to start up your metabolism. Hunger sets in long before it’s time for lunch, so those who haven’t had breakfast often reach for snacks that are high in fat or sugar.

1. Eat your carbs earlier in the day.

It is easier to digest carbs earlier in the day. So while it is important to eat a balanced diet, keeping your carbohydrates heavy meals at breakfast will help you stay fit.qqqqqqqqqqq2. Green tea has a lot of benefits and it helps to burn your calories and digestion. Drink green tea before sleeping.

3. Set your alarm one hour before to do your morning workout to start your day with zeal and zest.

4. Have sex to beat stress and boost your immunity( if you are married or have a partner). This will help to get you a better and calm sleep.


5. Help a glass of water to make your skin clear and kick the dirt out of your skin pores. Water is very helpful in every aspects of life but make sure do not drink excess of water. Because EXCESS of everything id bad.

6. Ditch your carbs for the night and instead save them for your breakfast. Because at night your calories are nit burned and they will convert into fat. So, try to not consume carbs in night.

7.  Try to do a short yoga before going to bed because it will help you to de stress and refresh your mind.

8. Eat Salmon or other Omega-3 rich foods for your dinner to avoid or lower the risk of getting breast cancer. The selection of food also plays vital role to your health so, be careful and wise while choosing a type of food to consume. Every time has specific suitable food types which are better when you for that time and it can be worse if eat in wrong time.

9. Try to prepare overnight Oat for your breakfast to ‘go  and grab’ a healthy breakfast.

10. Sip on a glass of wine to reduce the risk of heart attack and increase bone strength but remember don’t consume much because it will effect worse.

11. Pack your gym bag so it will be easy to start your morning exercise easily.

12. Slow down your dinner because while eating fast you will not realize that you are full.

13.  Pack healthy snacks so you won’t give in for junk-food craving in your work tomorrow which has very bad effect on your health.

14. Try to sleep earlier than usual so that you can wake up early in the morning which is a good habit.

15. If possible find time to meditate it will help you be realxed

16. Listen to a short and soothing music before sleep it will relax your mind.


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