Most powerful Hair Loss remedy – It’s not a wonder, it’s a miracle! Worth a Try

Let’s face it, we all know men get bald. That is no surprise, but for women, hair is like a  growing feature. However, with the stress levels rising in today’s world with crazy workloads and even crazier schedules, which is a bad combination, we have not been taking care of our hair.Most powerful Hair Loss remedy – It’s not a wonder, it’s a miracle! Worth a Try What would be the secret remedy to great hair? You would never guess, but it is BEER! For all of you who thought beer was only for drinking, think again. There are so many recipes for beer to combat female hair loss.


Mix half a glass of beer with one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey.

After mixing them very well you can apply it as a mask on the entire length of your hair. Keep it well covered with a plastic bag and a warm towel and then rinse with warm water after 20 minutes, let your hair dry naturally, and then complete the remedy and add volume to your hair.

To encourage hair growth during a hair loss stage, you could chop a few pinecones, mix them with 100 grams of birch leaves, and then pour the beer. Use the concoction after letting it stand for 2 hours. Again apply it like a mask and after repeating this remedy several times, you will find luscious hair growing back.

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