Stop throwing out your tea bags! Try planting them like this and watch what happens

If you like drinking tea, your trash can is probably full of used teabags. Stop throwing them away, you can reuse them because they can offer more benefits than the tea itself.Stop throwing out your tea bags! Try planting them like this and watch what happensHere are 11 incredible uses of old teabags: 1. They help with sunburns: Acids from black tea can sooth the heat from sunburns.

Just press a cooled tea bag against the damages skin and you`ll feel instant relief.

2. For tired eyes: If you couldn`t sleep all night, don`t drink coffee the first thing in the morning. Replace it with a cup of black tea, and use the bags to rub the area around the eyes. The tannins from the tea will calm the skin and make it look fresh again.

3. Minor burns: Tannins contained in teabags can sooth inflammation caused by heat. Just press a cooled tea bag against the affected area.

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