All this with an amazing mixture of 2 foods.

Lan and clove are effective in almost all types of parasites. To prepare the mixture for cleaning, it is necessary to 100 gr. flaxseed and 10 gr. clove. Altogether chop into powder, minced buy. Take each day at 2 flat tablespoons, during the three days. The powder can be added to cooked food in one meal, or eat, and then drink a glass of warm water (preferablyin the morning).

After three days of taking this mixture, take a break for 3 days. Then all repeat.

The mixture should be consumed in a month. Do not be confused by a reaction of the body, such as itching, rashes, discoloration stool, urine, or something else. If this notice (not all), it is a sign that the cleansing is in progress.GET RID OF THE DEPENDENCE ON THE SWEET, CLEAN THE BODY FROM PARASITES AND REDUCE WEIGHT! This is a very effective tool.In consummation, the mixture remains on the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, and the result is that the parasites will be “forced” to leave your body.

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