5 Homemade Remedies Used To Treat Melasma

There are very few natural beauty products that offer as many benefits as coconut oil. It is not only an excellent moisturizer but it is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It not only smells great but it is also great for skin care as well as cooking. Here are a few helpful coconut oil skin care tips.5 Homemade Remedies Used To Treat MelasmaCleansing : Most cleansers and facial soaps available on the market have an overabundance of alcohol and contain a lot of harsh chemicals that strip natural oils from the skin and may lead to acne and as well as clogged pores.


On the other hand, cleansing with coconut oil gets rid of all the impurities, dirt as well as toughest make up but it doesn’t remove the natural oils.

Cleansing with coconut oil gives you clean, soft and moisturized skin. To use it as a cleanser, take a small amount of coconut oil and massage it gently into your skin and wash it off with warm water until all the dirt is gone.


It is a great moisturizer and you may also blend it with other oils. It can also be added to various creams and lotions for some extra moisturizing.

Make-Up Remover

Removing waterproof eyeliner and mascara can be very irritating as high quality make-up removers with good ingredients cost a lot of money pricey.

On the other hand, coconut oil will get rid of the most clingy, stubborn and waterproof make-up with ease in addition to moisturizing and conditioning the skin. To remove waterproof make-up, take some coconut oil and gently massage it for a few seconds to loosen the make-up.

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