This is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish!

We can all agree that most of the females love to color their nails. However, most of them are just not aware that nail polish is very dangerous because it contains certain chemical compounds that could do a lot of damage both on the inside and outside of the body.This is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish!According to some new studies, popular nail polish brands contain numerous harmful chemicals and numerous toxins that can cause hormonal imbalance and other health problems. The study focused on over 20 women who color their nails regularly with some of the most popular nail polish brands. The results showed that all of the brands tested positive on triphenylphosphate even after about 10 hours after the application.

There has been another study that tested 10 popular nail polish brands. It found that 8 of them also contain this compound, while 2 of those 8 products didn’t list the compound on the label. This is concerning triphenylphosphate as very harmful to the endocrine system.

What is triphenylphosphate?

Triphenylphosphate is the chemical compound that is ableto disrupt your endocrine system and hormones and affect your metabolism as wellas the reproductive system. The compound is especially harmful for the women who color their nails regularly – by doing this, they are letting the accumulation of triphenylphosphate in their system, which are going to slowly destroy their body from the inside.

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