6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love, #5 Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Laying head on his chest

Men’s love when their partner hugs him tightly by resting her head on his chest. Yes, this act warms the bond between couples even more. And, he feels a sense of safety that makes him feel excellent.

  1. Making him feel important in public

No one likes to be unnoticed. Right? Well, when men’s are given proper attention by his lady-love “in public” then this makes him feel good and also this gives him self-assurance that he is important.  E.g. holding hands in public works out healthy.

  1. Sending texts during outings

If their partner leaves a sweet loving texts even when is she  busy, shows him that she thinks about him in a busy schedule too.

  1. A little madness

Yes! Men’s love when his partner playfully hits him on the shoulder. They just love this little madness and later they take on this with a sweet little fight to make it more exciting. (Wink!)

  1. Paying attention

Guys go weak on their knees when their girl friends ideally listens to their stories and thoughts. Women paying attention towards her partners talks makes him feel like yes “his words do matter” and you value it.

  1. Loving gaze6-female-behaviors-that-men-just-love

Men love when their women secretly keep gazing at them. And, once he catches her doing so it makes him suddenly smile/blush about it. Well, in short guys love these sweet little lovable stares.

What is your say on these cute female behaviors towards their partners? Let us know in comments below.

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